Leadership Foundations Program

This program is ideal for new and emerging leaders, busy line managers, operational leaders, and those wanting to learn and develop their own authentic leadership identity, build confidence, core leadership skills, and get things done through others. No generic training, idealisms, or feel-good platitudes here – it’s about tested and tried leadership practices and actionable solutions that you can apply. We believe this is one of the most comprehensive and personalized leadership programs on the market today!

Outcomes you can expect

This is a personalised and tailored coaching program. The exact outcomes will depend on your leadership skills, experience, goals and what you need as an individual. However, here are some key areas we will focus on: 

Organisational Impacts

Your front-line leaders are your biggest leadership capability and assets.

Companies often under-invest in their frontline leaders and then wonder about problems flowing upwards. You need a strong frontline, led by capable and confident leaders who understand the business, make decisions, keep their teams engaged, and help build the ‘bottom-up’ culture. This enhances your services, quality, and customer experience. Strong frontline leaders can also help operational leaders stay out of the ‘weeds’ and enable strategic leaders to focus on strategy.

Leadership is no longer a nice to have. It’s an essential capability in modern business that can help you stand out from the competition. People can copy what you do, but they can’t copy your leader and the culture they create. 

Meet Your Coaches

Kenny is the founder of The Bridge, a leadership coach on our programs, along with Nikki and Antoinette.

Shelley is our health and lifestyle coach, who will work with you on the program.

Nikki, along with Antoinette and Kenny, is a leadership coach on our Foundations Program.

Antoinette, along with Kenny and Nikki, is a leadership coach on our Foundations Program.

What's Involved

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

8 x Leadership coaching sessions to develop your skills and confidence.

Health and Lifestyle Coaching

4 x health/lifestyle coaching sessions, to bring the best of you to your team and family.

The Bridge
Leadership Academy

Lifetime access to the Bridge Leadership Academy, to compliment your coaching.

Support and Accountability

Support and accountability from your coaches to help you achieve your goals.

Program Length

Paced between 2 to 4 months, depending on your workload, and preferences.

Time Commitment

Approx. 1 to 2 hrs per week, depending on your program length of 2 to 4 months.

Values Assessment

Scientific Core Values assessment, to understand your authentic self.

360 Insights

360 degree feedback and insights, to develop strategic self-awareness.

Program Pricing


Unlock your leadership potential and achieve your desired results with our personalised leadership program, priced at just $4,200 +GST. This all-inclusive package offers 1:1 leadership coaching, 1:1 health coaching, support and accountability, assessments and surveys, and lifetime access to The Bridge Leaders Academy’s wealth of content.

As an alumni of the program, you'll receive lifetime access to the Leadership Academy online, allowing you to continue learning and referencing resources whenever needed.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch and let’s see if this program is right for you. Book a no obligation call with Kenny today.