Tired of the generic, off the shelf leaderhip traning solutions?

We spend time understand your business, your people and culture, to deliver leadership training that makes a real impact, and results that last long after the day.

Research shows that effective leadership growth happens when the training and development is designed and tailored to the workplace context, and delivered over a period of time with check-ins (also called longitudinal development). It allows leaders to take it all in and make sense of what they learn, rather than drinking from a fire hydrant and forgetting majority of what they have learned. The Bridge leadership programs leverage the insights gained from over 1000 hours of experience delivering leadership training across many different sectors and consideration for the unique context of relevant industries, companies, cultures and most importantly, different people in today’s modern workplace.  

Our bespoke approach also allows us to work with you to design a program that best fits your needs, so every module and every session is relevant and adds value to your leaders and teams. Delivered in bite-sized chunks over a period of weeks or months, this is perfect for busy businesses and teams.

Already have leadership training or initiatives in place?

Don't worry, we don’t want to mess with what works. If you have something in place, then we will look to build on it and even collaborate with other providers so you get the solution that best works for you. We often find that our bespoke approach can easily be tailored to reinforce existing in-house or other leadership courses and models.

Our existing training programs

Get in touch to find out more about our most popular leadership training courses and programs.

Designed for senior and experienced leaders to help accelerate their leadership abilities, succeed in strategic and executive leadership roles, and make a genuine impact on the people, leaders and organizations they lead.

Designed for new and first-time leaders to provide them with essential leadership skills and develop their emotional intelligence, confidence, and leadership mindset, so they can effectively lead and achieve results through others.

Here is what we often deliver in our leadership training.

Every client is different and so is our approach, but here are some examples of what we can cover.

Work with key stakeholders to develop a leadership strategy in line with your company strategy.
How to balance leadership, with the needs to manage and set direction.
Creating a performance based culture to get the best out of teams and individuals.
Developing emotional intelligence and resilience as a leader.
Mastering crucial conversations, including feedback, negotiations and conflict.
Being a coach-like a leader, to drive performance and productively.
Think, act and influence like a strategic leader.

I have been working with Kenny for over a year now and can’t recommend him highly enough. Kenny’s bespoke leadership training has proved to be invaluable for both myself and the senior team within my business.

Steve (CEO)

“The training gave me the crucial skills and understanding on how to be an effective leader and I was able to take away tools from each and every session to put into practice. The tools he can equip you with will have you set up for many years ahead.

Hope (CFO)

“Having the opportunity to work with Kenny has been one of the most valuable experiences in my professional career. The workshops were engaging and interesting; I found the tools that he gave us to be simple, logical, with real implementation strategies!”

Claudia (Manager)

““I found the leadership course to be different , in all the right ways , to other leadership courses I’ve attended over the years. The course material was fresh and relevant to actual day to day challenges we encounter and covered various tricky situations we as leaders come across so often”

Dan (Manager)

Find the best fit leadership training for you.

Don’t settle for generic off-the shelf training, talk to us to see what leadership training is right for your leaders and teams.