“Leadership is not the icing on the cake, it is a core ingredient of what makes you successful”

– Kenny Bhosale


We can partner with you to help you design and implement the right in-house leadership development solutions fit for your business and your people.

We spend time understanding your business, your people and culture, to design and deliver leadership training that gets tangible results that last over time.

We can partner with you to help you design and implement the right in-house leadership development solutions fit for your business and your people.

Most "team-building" is superficial with very little room for real conversations, no tangible follow-up, and far too many post-its and flip charts. We don’t do that!

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In a world of imitators and online influencers – experience and knowledge matter. Let’s get to know each other and see if The Bridge is the right fit for you as a leader, and your business, culture and people.

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Kenny's coaching has been invaluable during some difficult situations. The tools he can equip you with will have you set up for many years ahead, and his manner of imparting wisdom is easy to digest and impactful.

Hope (CFO)

Kenny's bespoke leadership training has proved to be invaluable. He mentored me in the leadership space and always provided a different perspective for me to consider when developing business strategies and strategies for my own personal growth.

Steve (CEO)

The leadership course and coaching were superb. The way Kenny asked questions and challenged my thinking was amazing. I've now managed to implement and lead with much more clarity and, in turn positivity.

Hayden (Director)

I found working with Kenny really helpful as he enabled me to understand what I needed to do to move forward. It was great to meet regularly to discuss challenges and work through finding solutions and strategies. Talking things through with a professional with many skills and resources is great.

Maree (Business Owner)

I am extremely grateful for Kenny's coaching and support in my leadership development journey. He is very passionate about what he does and has a wealth of knowledge and experiences that he draws on to make concepts easy to understand.

Antoinette (National Manager)

The sessions with Kenny over four months allowed me time to reflect and consider my most effective course of action within my role to have the most impact. He alerted me to blind spots and guided me to change some habits to help transition my career.

Sophie (Senior Manager)

I really appreciate the way Kenny created space for me to work through my thoughts. I always left each session feeling invigorated and clear about my direction. Kenny has a real gift for helping others with their development and I cannot recommend him enough!

Winston (Senior Manager)

Kenny's coaching has enabled me to focus my energies on my own strategic growth. Furthermore he has given me powerful techniques for challenging situations, that I continually use to this day

Charlotte (Senior Manager)

Kenny has always been genuinely invested in my professional growth from the get- go. He is a good listener, asks thought-provoking questions and is able to offer a range of tools, his own experience and strategies to transform leadership.

Trinh (Lead Counsel)

Kenny has a real good sense of what a good team dynamic and culture looks like in the real business and commercial world and draws on real-life examples and stories from his own leadership experience.

Anne (Senior Manager)

We specifically asked for Kenny because we know the value his skill set brings. The trainees regularly comment on his delivery style and their own learning outcomes. I highly recommend Kenny as a facilitator and coach.

Scott (Head of Training)

Kenny is a smart, considered, friendly and down-to-earth guy, and I found the sessions with him insightful, pragmatic and tangible. He helped me strengthen my leadership and navigate daily opportunities and challenges at work.

Simon (Head of Marketing)

It was such a pleasure working with Kenny as each of our sessions left me with food for thought and actions I could easily apply to support my development. He created a relaxed and approachable environment which made it easy to challenge myself more and think on a deeper level.

Chido (Manager)

A real pleasure to work with Kenny. The conversations were always organic and productive. My key take-outs were the discussions that lead to good introspection for myself afterwards. Focusing on what I had developed with Kenny I have felt personal and professional growth.

KaWing (Manager)

Working with Kenny has been one of the most valuable experiences in my professional career. With Kenny's feedback and guidance, I was able to navigate challenges better as a leader and the work we did together helped me uncover my career path.

Claudia (Manager)

I found the leadership course to be different, in all the right ways! It was fresh and relevant to actual day-to-day challenges we encounter and covered various tricky situations we as leaders come across so often.

Dan (Project Manager)

Kenny presents a confident yet open and friendly style of training that resonated perfectly with our team. The weekly sessions in our own office environment meant our team were making the most of the opportunity to learn and grow.

Tim (Operations Manager)

Kenny's invaluable coaching helped me to navigate a period of significant personal and professional change. I was better able to create clarity amidst chaos and learn to balance the dichotomies of leadership.

Aaron (Team Lead)

Find the solution that's right for you.

Knowing what leadership solutions you should invest time and money into is often the first battle.