No one likes boring corporate team building.

Most "team-building" activities are superficial; there is very little real conversations, no tangible follow-up, and there are far too many post-its and flip charts involved. We don’t do that!

We can design, organise, and deliver team-building activities ranging from a few hours to a couple of days. They can be on-site or offsite, and we have plenty of options to suit your needs – from low-impact indoor hands-on team building, using LEGO® Serious Play® methodologies, to high-adrenaline outdoor activities. We will work with you to understand your team’s needs, the outcomes you desire, and design an experience that is not only fun but also facilitates deep conversation and reflections to help the team build trust, improve communication, encourage creativity and collaboration, and re-energize and reconnect the team to each other and your mission and purpose.

A team building day, workshop or an offsite is often just a momentum builder – the real work happens when you go back to the workplace afterwards, and live what you say you will do. We will work with you not only to design and deliver a great experience full of learning and rich conversations but also to ensure you get value for the months and year to come.

Don’t know what you are looking for?

That’s ok, just share with is what outcomes you want, and we can suggest options with no costs or strings attached, so you can decide what suits your team and your budget.

Key outcomes from team building activity.

Here are some examples of what teams get from the time they spend together.

Understand and get to know each other better, including new team members.
Improve communications and mitigate friction points.
Develop better ways of working together.
Strategic aligned with common purpose, vision and mission.
Build trust and deeper relationships.
Have some fun and create shared experinces.

“He has a fresh and different approach and is a great facilitator with a very engaging communication style. He used a clever mix of deep thought-provoking, challenging and fun activities with great effect.”

Annie (Senior Manager)

Kenny is someone whom we specifically asked for, because we know the value his skill-set brings. Kenny facilitated a tempo that struck the right balance and I highly recommended Kenny as a facilitator”

Scott (Head of Department)

Find the right team-building approach for you.

Book a no obligation call, and we can give you some suggestions to help get the results you want.