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What our past clients and participants say about The Bridge

Steve Barker 

CEO, First Principles Constructors

“I have been working with Kenny for over a year now and can’t recommend him highly enough. Kenny’s bespoke leadership training has proved to be invaluable for both myself and the senior team within my business. He has mentored me in the leadership space and always provides a different perspective for me to consider when developing business strategies and strategies for my own personal growth.”

Hope Etienne

CFO, One50 Group 

“The training gave me the crucial skills and understanding on how to be an effective leader and I was able to take away tools from each and every session to put into practice. I have also been lucky enough to have one-on-one coaching and mentoring with Kenny over the last couple of years. His wisdom has been invaluable during some difficult situations I have had to encounter and he has been there to coach me through every step of the way. The tools he can equip you with will have you set up for many years ahead and his manner to imparting wisdom is easy to digest and impactful.”

Scott McGreagor

Head of Officer Training School, NZ Navy 

“Kenny has helped with the teaching of the Lead Teams course to the Junior Officers Under Training within the Royal New Zealand Navy. Within his facilitation of the learning Kenny used coaching techniques, mentoring, and occasionally advising to help strengthen the trainees learning journey. Kenny is someone whom we specifically asked to assist because we know the value his skill-set brings, this is reflected in the course feedback where students regularly comment favourably on the delivery and their own learning outcomes. I highly recommended Kenny as a facilitator, coach, and consummate professional”

Trinh So

Lead Counsel, Asia Pacific 

“At the outset, Kenny and I were able to openly talk about my leadership experience and set short term and long term goals for my coaching journey. Kenny has always been genuinely invested in my professional growth from the get-go and was also able to connect me with like minded individuals as part of my personal growth. Kenny is a good listener, asks thought provoking questions and is able to offer a range of tools, his own experience and strategies to transform leadership”

Hayden Pirie

Director, CDM Limited  

“The leadership course was superb and it was awesome to see each of our team get something quite unique from each session. The highlight for me was to see that we can now have a common leadership understanding within the office as I believe we are all leaders, whether we have direct reports or not. Following on from a really great Course with Kenny, we had a 1:1 sessions about the current Covid-19 challenges faced. The way Kenny asked questions and challenged my thinking was amazing. I’ve now managed to implement and lead with much more clarity and in turn positivity!”

Claudia Twine

Manager, One50 Group 

Having the opportunity to work with Kenny has been one of the most valuable experiences in my professional career. The workshops were engaging and interesting; I found the tools that he gave us to be simple, logical, with real implementation strategies! Kenny was also able to demonstrate key learnings by using real examples which also promoted interactive discussions during the workshops. The debrief one on one sessions were an effective way for me to implement my learnings; it really made everything come full circle. With Kenny’s feedback and guidance, I was able to navigate challenges better as a leader and the work we did together helped me uncover my career path as well.”

Annie Gavin 

Senior Manager, Fletcher Steel 

“We had the pleasure of having Kenny facilitate an off-site team building workshop for our Executive Leadership Team. He has a fresh and different approach and is a great facilitator with a very engaging communication style. He used a clever mix of deep thought provoking, challenging and fun activities with great effect. Kenny has a real good sense of what a good team dynamic and culture looks like in the real business and commercial world and draws on real-life examples and stories from his own leadership experience. He was great at adapting to the teams needs to take the workshop where it needed to go, and navigate the different personalities, opinions and emotions within the room to guide everyone to a desired outcome and actions. I would definitely recommend Kenny for anyone looking to get the most out of their next leadership or team building workshops.”

Tim Lloyd 

Operations Manager, CDM Limited  

“When we originally decided to enlist Kenny to provide our team with a leadership program, I was a little unsure about what to expect. Right from day one Kenny presented a confident, yet open and friendly style of training and this resonated perfectly with all of our team. The course content was well planned and covered much more than I had expected. Having the weekly sessions in our own office environment made for a relaxed style of learning and it was clear to see that our team were making the most of the opportunity to grow. I am confident that any person or organisation that invests in one of Kenny’s courses will be more than satisfied with the outcomes.”


Dan Van Rooyen

Project Manager, CDM Limited  

“I found the leadership course to be different , in all the right ways , to other leadership courses I’ve attended over the years. The course material was fresh and relevant to actual day to day challenges we encounter and covered various tricky situations we as leaders come across so often. Kenny was great, knowledgeable and obviously did his homework and it is evident that he shaped the course to suit CDM and the staff. Now to put what we’ve learned into practice!”