Kia ora, I am Antoinette

I’m an experienced operations manager with a diverse background spanning the corporate, non-profit, and government sectors. My leadership journey has been fueled by purpose and a focus on nurturing talent to achieve impactful results across various organizations in New Zealand and not-for-profits in Asia. 

Starting from the bottom, I learned how to lead teams in healthcare before moving up to manage specialists, doctors, and clinical staff. This journey led me to senior leadership roles, including heading the Training Academy for property managers and most recently serving as the National Operations Manager for a service-based business expanding across the North Island. My experience has taught me how to shape strategic direction through my team while consistently meeting revenue and growth targets – all through effective leadership and team collaboration.

I have always been a student of leadership. My approach to coaching is rooted in a deep understanding of business needs, balanced with team needs and achieving results through others while building trust and connection with team members. I believe in using authority when necessary and creating systems and a culture where people can thrive.

Driven by a purpose for making a difference and a dedication to continuous growth, I look forward to helping you achieve results through your people.

“Antoinette’s mentorship at the Training Academy was exceptional. Her passion for teaching and dedication to our growth created an engaging environment. With personalized guidance, she instilled confidence and emphasized integrity. Antoinette’s impact equipped me with skills and inspired continuous growth. I wholeheartedly recommend her for dedicated mentorship.

Charlotte (Property Manager)

“Under Antoinette’s guidance in early 2023, my raw skills and brash nature transformed. She directly nurtured my professional growth, honing strengths through self-learning and problem-solving. Working with her was a pleasure, and I’m immensely grateful for the profound development, both professionally and personally”

Ethan (Training Academy Cadet)

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