Looking to develop your own in-house solutions?

We can partner (on a consulting or contract basis) to help you design and implement the right in-house leadership development solutions fit for your business and your people.

There is a distinction between ‘leader development’ and ‘leadership development,’ and it’s essential to prioritize the latter instead of investing resources in costly training and coaching programs for our leaders. We can collaborate with you to create a robust leadership strategy, build necessary capabilities, and establish systems that foster a unique leadership culture. Whether your goal is to boost productivity, enhance employee experiences, drive growth, or gain a competitive edge, we’ve got you covered.

We begin by examining your overarching strategy and vision, then delve into the specific needs and pain points within your business and processes. The result is a customized strategy and action plan designed to cultivate leadership capabilities, refine systems and processes, and assemble a ‘success tribe’ to support leaders and businesses in achieving their leadership objectives.

Can’t afford to hire a leadership or OD specialist?

Check out some of the leadership solutions we can provide. Consider us an extension of your in-house HR, OD, or L&D team, where we can help you get things moving, so you can achieve your strategic objectives.

Here are some examples of in-house support.

Every client is different, but here are some examples of what we have developed and delivered for clients:

Work with key stakeholders to develop a leadership strategy in line with your company strategy.
Delivering customised leadership training and coaching across the business.
Whitelabel leadership training solutions, that fit your budget and capacity.
Train your internal facilitators and coaches, to deliver leadership development.
Creation of an emerging leaders pathway and program for emerging leaders.
Design and delivering a ‘leaders as coaches and mentors’ program and system.
Introduction of psychometrics and other tools to help develop leaders.
Design and introduce people engagement pulse surveys and follow-ups.

Are you investing in leadership or leaders?

Understand the difference between leader development and leadership development.

Find the right in-house solution for you.

Book a no obligation call so we can understand your leadership vision and what outcomes you want.