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If you want a 'feel-good' session, then you are looking in the wrong place. We don’t do that here!

Our coaching approach is based on helping you gain clarity on what you need, creating focus on what matters, and taking tangible actions to create change and results. Our results-based coaching approach takes into account you as a person and a leader but also considers the broader real-world aspects of business in which we all work. Our coaches have all come from business and organizational backgrounds. They have been leaders and have now turned their skills and experience toward coaching leaders to help them succeed and achieve results. Don’t expect an easy ride here, but we will be there 100% in your corner, supporting you throughout the journey.

The one-on-one support you receive from your coach will help you as a leader, whether you are new to your leadership role, aiming to get into a senior leadership role, striving to get the best out of your team, trying to build a culture in a new team, or looking to build your leadership skills to make a difference, lead a transformation, or feel more confident and genuine in your leadership style.

Feeling unsure about working with a coach?

We completely understand the feeling. Many successful leaders have experienced the same sensation before taking the plunge, so you are not alone. Research shows that over 60% of leaders across all levels regularly work with a coach to enhance their leadership and presence. Working with a leadership coach can be a significant decision, and there shouldn't be any pressure to commit. Feel free to reach out for a chat. We'll also gladly provide you with free guidelines on selecting the ideal coach for you, even if you don't decide to go with us.

Benefits from leadership coaching

Here are some examples of what leaders can get from a coaching partnership.

Help you gain a deeper self-awareness to develop your emotional intelligence.
Boost self-confidence, address imposter syndrome, and overcome unhelpful narratives.
Enhance communication and relationships - both upward, downward, and across.
Achieve your realistic leadership goals, leading to professional success.
Learn how to handle conflicts constructively, improving team dynamics.
Adapt and thrive in the uncertainty and ambiguity of the modern-day work environment.
Equip you with the leadership skills and mindset necessary for success in your role.
Guide you in thinking, acting, and influencing like a strategic leader.
Establish focus, priorities, and achieve the most important goals as a leader.
Create work-life balance, enabling you to bring your best self to both work and home.

“I found working with Kenny really helpful as he enabled me to understand what I needed to do to move forward. It was great to meet regularly to discuss challenges and work through finding solutions or strategies to deal with those challenges.

Maree (Business Owner)

At the outset, Kenny and I were able to openly talk about my leadership experience and set short term and long term goals for my coaching journey. He is a good listener, asks thought provoking questions and is able to offer a range of tools, his own experience and strategies to transform leadership

Trinh (Lead Counsel)

Being my first 1:1 leadership training, I found the sessions with Kenny insightful, pragmatic and tangible. A smart, considered, friendly and down to earth guy, I’d recommend spending some time with Kenny – you’ll learn something new!

Simon (Head of Marketing)

“I am extremely grateful to Kenny for the time he has taken, and his genuine desire to help me in my leadership journey. It is clear that he is passionate about what he does, and he has a wealth of knowledge and experiences that he draws upon to make concepts easy to understand. I highly recommend Kenny to anyone looking for leadership coaching.”

Antoinette (National Manager)

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