Hey leaders, Kenny here! 

I designed this program to help you advance your leadership abilities and mindset, so you can succeed in  strategic and executive leadership roles and make a genuine impact to the people and organisation you lead. The program is a combination of self-pace learning, one-on-one coaching, mentoring, support and accountability to help you achieve your goals as a leader. 

Don’t worry, the program is not about theories, idealisms and feel good platitudes that you often see in today’s leadership development landscape. It’s about tested and tried leadership practice and actionable solutions, that you can apply in your workplace to get the results you want. We reckon this is one of the most comprehensive and personalised leadership programs on the market  today!

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How it works

This is not a one-on-one coaching program, NOT a leadership course. 

We will tailor it to your context and your specific needs, to meet you where you are in your leadership and career stage, and help you move forward. It is personalised and flexible to fit in around your busy work and life commitments (we get how busy life can be for leaders). Here’s how it works:

  • Paced out between 3-6 months, based on your needs. 
  • Includes self-paced learning program (online).
  • 12x weekly 1:1 leadership coaching/mentoring. 
  • 4x 1:1 health and lifestyle coaching sessions.
  • Guided reflections to generate insights and actions.
  • Focus on tangible actions to generate results.
  • Tools and templates to help turn ideas in execution. 
  • Support and accountability from your coaches.
  • Post-program check-in to ensure sustained results.

As an alumni of the program, you’ll receive lifetime access to the Leadership Academy online, allowing you to continue learning and referencing resources whenever needed.

Outcomes you can expect

This is a personalised and tailored coaching program. The exact outcomes will depend on your leadership skills, experience, goals and what you need as an individual. However, here are some outcomes we will focus on: 

  • Get clarity on who you are as a leader and how your strengths impact how you lead.
  • Understand your core values and personality strengths and derailers.
  • Understand how others see you and develop your leadership brand.
  • Learn different leadership styles so you can adapt and lead in any situation.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence, confidence, and resilience.
  • Master conversations, including giving feedback, conflict and difficult conversations.
  • Build trust and a culture of performance and success.
  • Create a high-performing team.
  • Learn how to think and act like a strategic leader.
  • Develop your executive presence.
  • Create a tribe of success around you, to help you achieve your goals.
  • Create an executive lifestyle, so you don’t burn out and can bring your best self to your team at work and your family at home.

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Company Benefits

You can’t lead the organisation all by yourself – you need good leaders around you. Capable and empowered leaders who can engage and lead your people through the complexities of modern-day business environments. Leaders who can help you set the right leadership culture across the organisation, grow other leaders in the business, build high performing teams, effectively contribute to an executive leadership team, help drive your strategy and vison, and create a culture that sets you apart in your industry.

"Leadership is an essential capability in modern business, that can help you stand out from the competition. People can copy with what you do, but they can't copy your leader and the culture they create"

– Kenny Bhosale

Your Commitments to the Program


Approximately 1-1.5hrs per week , which includes self-learning, coaching, reflections, and actions.

1:1 Coaching

12x leadership coaching sessions, and 4x health coaching sessions to help you turn insights into action and results.


Paced out between 3 to 6 months, based on your needs, workload and learning preferences.


$6,200 +GST for program content, one-on-one coaching, support and guidance to get results.


The program is designed for action. A growth mindset and a drive to learn and grow are essential!


Direct access to your coach, anytime throughout the program to support you through your leadership journey.

Meet Your Coaches

Kenny Bhosale

Kenny is the founder of The Bridge, and a leadership development specialist who understands how business, leadership, culture and the right talent can work in sync to create an environment where people can thrive and achieve success. He is an ICF and IECL accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and an experienced trainer and facilitator. He is a leadership coach with the Institute for Strategic Leadership in Australia and NZ, works with clients internationally with Coach Hub, and is also a business mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand.

Shelley Smith

Shelley is a PreKure Certified Health Coach and Ayurveda specialist. Before turning to her passion for health and wellbeing, she experienced life in busy corporates and high-pace businesses. Shelley understands where you are and has coached many men and women, just like you to become happier, healthier and less stressed, so you can be the best version of yourself as a leader for your team and feel your best. 

Want to find out more?

Get in touch and let’s see if this program is right for you. Book a no obligation call with Kenny today.