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In a world of imitators and online influencers – experience and knowledge matter. Let’s get to know each other and see if The Bridge is the right fit for you as a leader, and your business, culture and people.



Meet Kenny Bhosale


Kenny is an experienced leader turned practitioner, who understands how leadership works both in theory and in reality. He brings a unique mix of real-world leadership experience, strong business acumen, an understanding of the executive responsibilities of modern-day leaders, as well as an understanding of  the behaviours and psychology that drive leaders, people and team culture. He is an experienced facilitator, trainer and ICF and IECL accredited Executive Coach, whose knowledge and leadership experience are also grounded in an Honours Degree, a Master of Science specialising in Change Management and an Executive MBA specialising in Organisational Leadership Development.

“Organisational leadership development is about combining good leadership, management and business practices, along with the right culture to help leaders and teams thrive, achieve outputs and make an impact” 

Kenny began his leadership journey at age 17 when he joined the NZ Defence Force. Early in his career, he discovered a real drive to be the best leader he could be for his troops. As he progressed up the ladder, he developed a strong interest in leadership, people skills and the science that allowed leaders to get the best out of themselves and their people. Over the years, Kenny tried, tested, practised, failed and learned how to lead in some tough and unforgiving environments – from operations onboard Warships and in the Middle East, to natural disasters and enterprise-level change in commercial and multinational environments.

 “One of my most rewarding appointments was my previous role as the Head of Leadership Development for the NZ Navy, and the opportunity to coach, train and mentor some of the finest leaders and human beings that New Zealand has to offer”

 Experience matters in leadership and he has seen the good, bad and unfortunately the ugly sides of leadership. helped hundreds of business and public sector leaders in their journey to transform, step up and make a real difference to their people and businesses. He mainly works with Executives and emerging leaders to help them lead change and thrive in the real-world complexities and ambiguities of today’s business and socio-political environment. He has worked with leaders across many different industries, including finance, real estate, law, construction, recruitment and retail, as well as public sector organisations, including health, social services and police. Kenny is also a leadership coach with the Institute for Strategic Leadership and International Coach Hub, a mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand. 

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From the greasy engine room of old steam Warships, the dusty deserts of the Middle East, unforgiving and relentless high seas of the Indian Ocean and North Pacific, or the high pressure environments of the front line, leadership is often needed when it is least convenient to lead, but that’s the difference between a good leader and a great leader.

Kenny’s Credentials 

Executive MBA (Organisational Leadership Development)

Master of Science (Organisational Change Management)

IECL Level 3 Executive Coaching Certificate

CMA Transformative Coaching Certificate

Hogan Personality Assessment (Accreditation)

ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Member, Institute of Directors NZ

Member, International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Member, Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership (IECL)

“Great leaders are not born, they are made – through training, support, coaching and gaining experience. Leadership development is a journey of self discovery and learning”

– Kenny Bhosale

The Bridge Story

The Bridge was founded in 2019 by Kenny Bhosale to help businesses and leaders to bridge the gap between the idealism of leadership philosophies and real-life leadership skills and capabilities necessary to get results, whilst keeping true to your identity and culture.

Leadership Development is a multi-billion dollar industry and continues growing, yet leaders and businesses are left wanting and wondering. Like everything else in business, leadership is an essential capability that needs to add value to your vision and success. Leaders often go on leadership courses or retreats, yet find it an uphill battle to implement the necessary changes across their business to embed the leadership brand and culture they envisage. Both academic research and industry surveys have repeatedly shown this to be the case.

In 2020, The Bridge conducted its own industry research and survey of NZ businesses through Massey Uiversity Business School. The study found a consistent need for multi-faceted leadership development, more consideration for the business context and a need for tailored leadership solutions. The leadership development solutions offered by The Bridge are based on these insights,  are grounded in evidence based methodologies, and incorporate proven leadership strategies, processes, tools and real-life learning.

Whatever your business or industry, the truth is that you and your team are on your own unique journey through the ever-increasing complexities of today’s business, social and political landscape. The Bridge can help you navigate and create the necessary leadership capabilities to get the best out of yourself and your people, and realise your potential.

Our Mission

Leaders today can make a real and positive impact on the lives of the people they lead, as well as the businesses and communities they influence.

Our mission is to make a difference, one leader and one business at a time.

“Thanks for a powerful coaching session. You asked great questions that were thought-provoking and enabled me to really reflect on what was under the surface of my challenge. I was able to deeply enquire into what is important to me as I grow my company and the focus I need to have in developing a team around me. Thanks Kenny.”

– Vanessa Davey (Business Ownwer)

Find the solution that's right for you.

Knowing what leadership solutions you should invest time and money into is often the first battle.