Kia ora, I am Nikki

I am an executive leadership coach and facilitator with well over 20 Years Executive Leadership Experience. Having held a number of senior roles in the medical, educational and sales fields, I work with executives, middle managers and their teams in a wide variety of industries, from small businesses, to large organisations, for government departments and large educational organisations.

My why is “Making a Difference to People Who Make a Difference” and as an experienced coach and facilitator I focus on growing leadership skills and understanding in both leaders and teams, helping clients realise their potential, both personally and professionally. With the ability to connect with a wide spectrum of leaders, I have contributed to countless success stories of various executives and companies.

As a qualified Executive Leadership Coach and Team Coach, I am experienced in creating not only high performing leaders, but high performing teams who make a difference to those they impact. I have and continue to work with senior leaders in diverse industries, such as finance, real estate, education, medical, construction, recruitment, multinationals, not for profits, and more, including public sector organizations like government departments, health and police. I also serve as a coach/mentor with the Institute for Strategic Leadership, Co-active Education, and am a Member of the Institute of Directors.

I specialise in coaching current and emerging leaders for success in strategic and leadership roles, helping both leaders and teams achieve results through coaching, support, and accountability.

“Nikki expertly guides you to acknowledge your strengths and identify the type of leader you want to be. Her fluid approach to coaching gave me a safe space to ask for advice. Nikki expertly reframed my concerns to my strengths, giving me the confidence to find resolutions formed around my personal values.

Helena (Executive Manager)

“Nikki has been instrumental in helping me get to the next level in my career. She challenged me to think outside the box to help me get the clarity I needed to really step up as a leader and push through what was holding me back. I would highly recommend Nikki as a coach for anyone in a leadership or executive position.”

Ana (Transformation Project Manager)

“Working with Nikki for one-on-one coaching and mentoring over the last six months has been life changing to say the least. Her insightfulness has brought to the forefront areas I had never realised were holding me and my company back, but she has helped me become the leader I am today. Her support throughout this time has always left me feeling certain of how to move forward to tackle each situation as (or before) it arose. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Scott (CEO)

“I recommend Nikki highly. She has a tremendous capacity and insight for facilitating growth in leaders, especially in situations where getting to the heart of the matter is required. Her skills are enhanced by her compassion and empathy for those she works with. Work with Nikki and you will not be disappointed.”

Nicola (CEO)

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