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There are many leadership theories, philosophies, models, trends and fads. The right leadership solutions help you increase outputs, create the right culture, help recruitment and retention, improve employee experience, enable growth and create a competitive advantage.


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of leadership development still happens in workshops in Australia and NZ, this is changing post-COVID


of the 2,500 businesses surveyed across 94 countries put Leadership Development amongst their top priorities


of leaders across all levels, regularly work with a Coach to help them develop their leadership and presence 

Leadership Capability Evaluation 

Effective leadership starts with understanding what you need to do in the leadership space to deliver your business strategy, whether that’s to increase outputs, improve employee experience, enable growth or even create an unfair competitive advantage. Unique to The Bridge, based on the company’s industry research in 2020, Leadership Capability Map™ starts at the macro level by understanding the strategy and vision, and then delves deeper into the actual needs and pain points within your business and processes.

The outcome is a tailored action plan to develop a leadership capability, systems, processes and a ‘success tribe’ to help leaders and businesses achieve their leadership goals. It’s about leadership development that’s most meaningful and impactful for you and your business. Get in touch to find out more about our Leadership Capability Mapping.

“I highly recommend him to anyone looking to develop leadership skills and systems within their organization. Kenny understands how leadership actually works in practice, and he takes a strategic approach to help create an environment where leaders and their teams can thrive and grow.”

Mark Meehan (Director)

Leadership Training

Our research shows that effective leadership development is designed in conjunction with the workplace context, and delivered over a period of time to allow leaders to take in and make sense of what they learn. The Bridge leadership programs leverage on the insights gained from the Leadership Capability Mapping and take into consideration the unique context of your industry, company culture and most importantly your people.

Our bespoke approach also allows us to work with you to design a program that best fits your needs, so every module and every session is relevant and adds value to your leaders and teams. Delivered in bite-sized chunks over a period of weeks or months, this is perfect for busy businesses and teams. The program involves in-person and/or online workshops, chat groups for collective learning, reflections for personal growth and workplace activities to turn knowledge into applied practice. Reach out, and let’s discuss if this is for you.

“Kenny’s bespoke leadership training has proved to be invaluable for both myself and the senior team within my business.”

Steve Barker (CEO)

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring 

Let’s discuss how you are doing on the leadership front, and together come up with a way forward – whether you are new to your leadership role, you have a new team, want to build your leadership skills to compete for higher appointments, lead a transformation, or feel more confident and genuine in your leadership style. 

Let’s be frank, Leadership is not a new concept, it’s been around forever! But your context, your situation and the time and moment you are leading in right now is very much unique to you. Together we can explore what leadership skills and tools you need and have an honest conversation about the barriers that are stopping you from realising your own potential, so you can achieve the best results from you and your team.

Never had coaching before? Just book in a free no-obligation session, and let’s explore your first step.

Having the opportunity to work with Kenny has been one of the most valuable experiences in my professional career.

Claudia Twine (Manager)

Workshops & Facilitation

Ever been in a meeting where you had all the right people and the biggest brains you need, and yet it’s gone nowhere because you ended up arguing, going down rabbit holes, some personalities dominated the conversation, went round and round with no results, or you as the leader not being able to add to the discussion because you are too busy trying to keep everyone else on track or keep your own emotions in check?

Leave it to a professional who can plan, design and guide your group through a structured process using proven tools, activities, models and experiences to get you the outcome that you need. Whether it is a strategy meeting, design thinking or innovation workshops, complex decision making, team building, accommodating difficult conversations or prickly personalities or simply wanting to get the best out of your next off-site or collaboration meeting, let’s discuss what outcome you want.

“He has a fresh and different approach and is a great facilitator with a very engaging communication style. He used a clever mix of deep thought-provoking, challenging and fun activities with great effect.”

Annie Gavin (Senior Manager)

“The decisions we make control us more than the conditions we meet.”

Tony Robbins

Get serious about growth.

There is a lot you can do in leadership development and it can feel overwhelming. So here is a tip – just start by starting, the rest will follow.